Phones not reconnecting after network hiccup

We are having a very perplexing problem with our internet connectivity. Our connection does not go down completely but traffic gets disrupted for some number of minutes and then self heals.
Main problem that is happening is that after one of these “hiccups”, all the phones go offline and will not reconnect. Other devices seem to reconnect without issue but I have been having to reboot the Cloud based PBX to reestablish the phone system. I assume that rebooting the phones would solve the problem as well but I am not onsite to try that.

Does anyone have an explanation as to why a brief network hiccup of some sort could take the phones offline and why they won’t reconnect on their own once the problem resolves itself? It has become a huge problem since staff does not realize that the phones are not working for quire some time. Is there anyway to configure the phones so that they would be more robust against random network outages?

I’ve seen this behavior with phones connecting to a remote PBX. If you reboot your phones it will most likely resolve the issue as well.

There are obviously network issues to resolve here, but you could also force the phones to register more frequently. Most phones will default to forcing a registration every 3600 seconds (1 hour) so if you wait for the phones to do that they will come online on their own. Change this value to 30 or 60 seconds and it’ll do it for you more quickly.

NAT keepalive isn’t going to fix the issue if the problem is in your modem/router and the NAT is getting obliterated during these “hiccups”.

This makes a lot of sense! Where do l look for setting the phone registration frequency? I did a quick check and didn’t find the setting (know I have seen it but it is eluding me at the moment).
Yes we are trying to work with the ISP to figure out what is going on. This has made the last couple of weeks a real pain for me.

This completely depends on the model of phones. What are you using?

Clearly IP. I haven’t found the setting when browsing through their management module

I’ve never used these phones. Perhaps @jfinstrom can provide some input.

I am not sure on that specific setting but I don’t do a lot with phones outside of software such as applications for the phones etc. It may not be a bad idea to contact our support

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Thanks for your help on this. I did open a ticket with ClearlyIP to see if they could offer some guidance. There is a setting for “resync” which defaults to 1440. That is probably what I need to change but just wanted to make sure before I start messing with stuff. The idea that NAT is getting “obliterated” makes a lot of sense. I was having a hard time figuring out why the phones would not reconnect but everything else was.
Now if I could just figure out what the heck is going on with the WAN connection itself

Resync may be it. It could also refer to pulling a configuration, which is different than registration. I’ll leave it for you to resolve with their support.

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