Phones not provisioning after upgrading FreePBX from 13 to 14

I have cloned one of my site PBX’s to a lab box in preperation for in place upgrading all our version 13 PBX’s.

Just before the upgrade I am able to provision phones (Aastra 6737i’s) no problem so I know that option 66 is set up correctly on the router. After the upgrade the phones fail to pull a config file.

I’ve updated all modules and system files. No luck. I’ve verified that the system firewall is turned off. Still no luck. I’ve tried switching from TFTP to HTTP in the template. Same results.

OS is CentOS 6.6 before the upgrade (10.13.66-20). 12.7.5-1807-1.sng7 after.

Does your

tail -f /var/log/httpd/access_log

Show anything happening when you use http?

It doesn’t show any activity while tailing the log and trying to provision with http.

Check your http provisioning port on the phone vs the server perhaps?

If you’ve activated, check Admin > System Admin, otherwise check /etc/httpd/conf.d/schmoozecom.conf

One of the VirtualHosts will list /tftpboot as the DocumentRoot, that is your HTTP provisioning port.

I found the problem. Looks like when you upgrade from 13 to 14 it disables TFTP server. I have option 66 simply pointing to IP only. So when I tested HTTP it didn’t work either because I have to add “http://” as well as a port number for option 66 when using HTTP.

The fix was simple. Ether change provisioning to HTTP and update your option 66 or edit the file “etc/xinetd.d/tftp.rpmnew” to enable TFTP again.

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