Phones no longer working after buying UCP for EPM?

I just purchased the UCP for EPM commercial module as custom BLF lights were a big deal for us and making them user-configurable was a pretty awesome concept.

Unfortunately, shortly after the purchase, we received a help desk request notifying us that our remote campus phones were disconnected. I figured it was just them, since my phone was lit up just fine and claiming to be connected, but now that I test it, I get no dialtone and pressing buttons on the dial pad have no effect.

I’m on a Grandstream GXP2130 with all updated modules.

My Grandstream claims its boot software version is, core is, Base is, and Prog are

I’m under the impression we’re on Firmware 1.0.4, as that is what I’ve selected in slot 1 in EPM.

Any thoughts?

I should mention that my desk phone shows up green, and is listed as registered in the SIP info screen, it even shows me missed calls. The missed call indicator increments before I hear any ringing…

There are no firewalls between the VOIP server and my handset. (there obviously is a firewall between the server and the remote campus handsets, but I just want to get mine working first then troubleshoot theirs).

I haven’t rebuilt their configs since upgrading, but I have rebuilt mine several times and rebooted several times.

We noticed the issue after my first successful attempt at using the UCP for EPM to customize handset buttons.

It confuses me though, because their phones shouldn’t have been impacted by me tweaking my handset…

I have rebooted the phone server with no success… I’m going to see what my support options are, but I imagine I’ll have to pay for support, which I’m not authorized to do at this point. :cry:

I just noticed my basefile edits appear to have been discarded, and unfortunately I don’t remember what the tweaks were… I’m going to see if I can pull a config file from an old backup and manually update my phone with it.

If you think this is a bug with the commercial module, then open a “commercial module” support ticket in our support system, we do not charge to support bugs in commercial modules. If this ends up being not related, or a different issue, the support person assign with let you know what steps to take to get additional support.

Thanks! I hadn’t seen that option in the support page before!

I just submitted a ticket. I’m hoping it is something simple.

I loaded configs from last week and it still isn’t working, so I can’t help but think it is a module I need to enable or re-configure, or possibly a bug in a recent update that happens to impact our specific config.