Phones missing from Endpoint Manager

I came in this morning and all the phones that connect via Endpoint Manager are gone. The Extension/Name shows but there’s no IP Address or Status.

I’ve rebooted multiple phones and even restarted the entire PBX but still nothing. They were there Friday when I went home but gone Monday morning. Since I didn’t do any updates, what could have changed that’s blocking those extensions?

I would start by exploring the connectivity between the FPBX and the phones. Particulary the routers/firewalls at both ends and the traffic passing correctly by ip_address:port

One of those “remote” connections is a second phone in my office. It’s on our LAN so it’s not really remote. It’s already inside our company firewall, which is whitelisted into the FreePBX firewall. All the other phones in the office work, but not the two handled by the Endpoint manager. None of the other phones use Endpoint Manager.

Wouldn’t that imply that it’s a problem with Endpoint Manager rather than the firewall?

No idea what happened. I’ve booted everything multiple times. I’ve looked at every setting I know how to look at. I’ve checked every update I know how to update. Nothing made any difference at all.

And then it suddenly started working again. All the extensions came on at the same time. I still have no idea what went wrong, or what went right. The last thing I’d done was actually to log into the Sangoma portal looking for something that might be out of whack. The portal was really slow to load for some reason, but it did eventually load. I poked around… changed nothing. Came back to look around the PBX some more and POOF… it came online. I hadn’t made any changes to any setting for about 20 min.

Sounds like your firewall or intrustion detection on the PBX was blocking you. Our portal has no connection to your PBX so it could not do anything for you or show you anything useful.

My internal network is whitelisted on the PBX firewall and all the extensions on that network were up except for the Sangoma phones. Those are the only phones using Endpoint Manager. Nothing was listed as banned in the Intrusion Detection under System Admin. And even if it had been, it wouldn’t have been blocked for the entire day.

The only thing left is the Responsive Firewall in PBX, but it would have had to block both the internal network, and external network, or the specific traffic from the Sangoma phones since all the other phones were working fine.

I wish I knew what happened because when problems magically go away, they have a way of magically returning.

I understand the portal isn’t tied to the PBX. I was just trying to report on what I’d been doing just before it started working again.

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