Phones in hand.. now what?

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Switch side: I’ve added the Aastra OUI (00-08-5d) to the switch, created a ‘voice vlan’ with QoS settings enabled, and enabled auto membership to it on the port that I have my first 9143i plugged into.

FreePBX side: I’ve added the 9143i info to every menu item I can find (after going systematically through them), created a template for the unit based on the default template, created an extension (5555) to test with and bound it to my test unit that gets detected just fine. The $MAC.cfg and aastra.cfg config files appear to have been created just fine under /tftpboot, as well.

The unit itself picks up a 192.168.0 address (do I need add a NIC to the FreePBX box and make a network just for VOIP?) and it seems as though the phone grabs them but I’m not sure how to verify that - I’m also not sure how to check to see if it’s in the voice vlan either.

I believe I have all the parts and pieces gathered together but now it’s a matter of where and how to put them all together - what would be the proper next step? I have 3 handsets to test with and make a working demo system to show the boss before we grab another 12-15 units and ditch the old system. Should I get a trunk and such next or iron out internal settings first?

I don’t know what kind of switch you are doing.

If you are truly trying to do VLAN’s as you describe and you are handing out the VLAN ID using LLDP protocol you need run a DHCP server on your FreePBX box with option 66 set.

The endpoint manager is not needed for Aastra’s. What you want is to run the Aastra xml-scripts.

I would get it working without the VLAN, or at least configure port membership statically, get the phone working then tune the LLDP configuration. You are trying to take on too much at once.

That’s excellent stuff - exactly what I was needing to get a little bit further. I will see how far I can get with this. Any idea where I can get the latest docs? Or do you think these will be workable, even though outdated?

Excellent, I will dig through these - thank you very much!

Sorry for the delay. Here is the docs and files (the ones in the repo are newer)

The documentation still applies either set is the same just branded for trixbox and PBXIAF.

The switch is a Cisco sf-300 48p PoE I had mentioned in the other thread. I’ll start over more simply and scratch the vlan idea for now, and just leave the whole network a flat structure. I also removed the end point/extension association I had created, but I left the aastra OUI in for both FreePBX and the switch.

Are the xml scripts the $MAC.cfg and aastra.cfg files, or is there an additional piece to that puzzle?

DId you install the FreePBX distro? If so the Aastra scripts are in the repo.

If not take a look at this:

While it says trixbox this is the link to the documentation, it is generic:

Yes, I have the FreePBX distro - I’ve created a clean slate install and updated all modules via the module admin page.

How do I make use of the Aastra scripts and start the ball rolling?

Did you read the manual for the Aastra scripts? It has a provisioning flow chart.

I don’t know the package name off the top of my head but it is in the yum repository. Just install the Aastra firmware and Aastra XML packages then run setup-aastra

To find the package names run ‘yum list | grep -i aastra’ from the shell prompt.

No, I haven’t seen much in the way of documentation. I tried looking through the ‘help’ docs, and there are a ton of how-to’s. Most of them are for more advanced/final type things that I will probably want to look at later, rather than beginner/setup pages. Where can I find this doc? Hopefully I can give myself a kickstart along the way with it.

after transfer issues with trixbox, Skyking’s suggestions, I’ve now gotten freepbx running, with these aastra scripts and am delighted with with the proper transfers. Now the only issue is the parking lamp lights when a call is trnsferred to the parking lot (##70). But when the corresponding button is depressed, “No call parked on this platform” message. I can still retrieve the call (if I know the parklot #).