Phones have wrong (random) time, server time is correct

I saw some similar threads in the past but didn’t see a resolution. I have some yealinks that seem to be displaying some seemingly random dates/times. The PBX has the correct time and the phones are using My first thought was that the router was at fault since there was some port forwarding done for port 123 which I believe is the NTP port, however, the remote phone in another state is having the same issue.

I ended up running a bunch of updates on the PBX and the virtual machine took a dump. Built a new one and restored from a backup and we’re having the same issues which makes me think this has to be somewhere in the PBX.

Any ideas?
FreePBX 14.0.11

Here’s the template

The configs look fine

and the time one the server is correct

Does your firewall allow 123 in and out?

If the server has the correct time set it up as ntp server and use it.

It does. And this was working fine up until a week ago.

Then replace with the ip of the server?

That works. I guess it doesn’t really matter if I figure out why the phones cant reach

can you ping from the pbx root console? also, check out this guide:

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