Phones Don't Dial OUt

My phones won’t dial out. I have a green light, a dial tone but they won’t connect. I see a “web server failure” on the PBX login, is anyone else having trouble? I also can’t login to my account any longer

mad, If you want help on this I suggest listing all of your top ten system parameters from HW to firewalls to your box to the specific load of the FreePBX distro.

How long has this phone no workie scenario been going on? How long has the system been up? Has it ever worked?

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Sounds like she is on a hosted system as she is asking if anyone else is having trouble.

Wait until she figures out someone has been charging her for something she could download free!

and then not be able to get your Outbound Routes going. Pays to know. Call a pro. FreePBX technical support team.