Phones autodialing

We have grown weary of all the bugs in the forked version of FreePBX in Trixbox 2.6.1 and have forked off to the latest version of the real thing - 2.5 and how joyful it is!! Philippe and team, you have done a fantastic job (again!). Thank you.

One thing that does seem to have happened now though is that our Cisco 7940 phones start dialing tel numbers as soon as the user hesitates (to check the tel number in an email for example). They did this before but the timeout was much greater.

Where am I able to adjust the timeout or turn this off?

It wasn’t happening in the TB 2.4.0 forked version so I assume that it is something in FPBX, although not sure how? If not I would appreciate any help forum members can provide in helping me nail this down.