[PhoneMiddleWare] Module to read a CardDAV server and return XML Phonebook + OUTBOUND + INBOUND CNAM

Hi guys! This is the first release of a new module to help you dealing with a CardDAV server and have all of your contacts in sync with your phone and FreePBX system itself.

If in your home/firm you only have a CardDAV server for storing your contacts but you also want to get them on your new VoIP phone… Well basically you can’t.

So i have created this module that allows you to:

  1. Read a CardDAV server and get back a XML phonebook to use with your phones
  2. Set the inbound CNAM with the help of Superfecta CID
  3. Set the outbound CNAM with the help of the homonym module

The module is completely free for personal use (if you want to use it commercially please contact me) so if you like it, you can donate. I greatly appreciate any help.

More info on my GitHub Page. I constantly fix bugs and add new features as they come to my mind.

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Hi, new update is available!
1.0.3 fixes settings retention after updates and add links to included libraries.

Go and update now on Github!

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