Phonebook entries - recordings report

good afternoon
i would like to ask again

i have saved a few contacts in the phonebook (…/admin/config.php?display=phonebook)

but both in the recordings page (…/recordings/) and also in the email messages i receive when they call and reach the voicemail, their name doesn’t appear
only 3 extensions that i have set them to be custom extensions (they dial out external mobile phones
dial Local/[email protected] ). Only the 3 these extensions’s name appear in the recordings page and in the email messages

Do you have any idea? thank you

You would have to explain why you still have the “./recordings” structure, it is probably legacy and likely open to compromise (as it has been for a long time).

I suggest you should thus be using /ucp and not /recordings and for safety you should purge anything in the old /recordings directory

Because phone book is only this and nothing more. It just gives you some speed dials and if you like to do a cid to name match during incoming calls using the lookup sources.

Also consider upgrading as dicko suggests.

in the Caller ID Superfecta
i enabled the Asterisk Phonebook in the Default Scheme

and also the “Send to email” for testing

when someone is calling the voip softphones doesn’t show his name (the same in the call monitor recordings page)

But the email i receive shows his name that i had saved in the phonebook

Is there any way to show his name appearing in the voip phones?
Thank you :sunglasses:

What has anything here have to do with your “./recordings” structure ?