Phonebook directory on CISCO SPA504G

Hi, i have installed Asterisknow by Digium with FREEPBX. System run on SHZS 6.6.

I begin with installation of asterisk. And i’m testing the system with just 2 numbers.

Numbers can ring the other but i went to “Applications”-> “Directory” and i create a directory named Enterprise with some numbers but in my cisco phone when i go to “Dir”, nothing appear.

I have also noticed when i m connect on the UCP with the number, when i activate “do not disturb” on the interface, the phone does not react even if i save and reboot the server and the phone.

The fact is , i want to create directories directly on freepbx and manage them and send it on phone.

Can you help me, please?


The dir button on the phone is an internal directory and not connected to FreePBX in any way.

If you want a directory on the phone that can view the FreePBX extensions you’ll need to configure the a dir button to actually look at the FreePBX directory. The easiest way to do this is the Cisco directory XML script that exists to do this.