Phonebook/CID Superfecta Problem with international phone numbers

I have got CID Superfecta working fine for local and national phone numbers, but I am struggling with the setup for international phone numbers. Basically, the incoming number comes in as +<country_code><phone_number> which makes sense. Sadly, the Phonebook module doesn’t allow me to store a phone number with a + symbol which also makes sense because the phone numbers should be usable for dialing.

So, in my mind I was thinking that I should be able to strip the + from the number somehow, but while I can manipulate the number itself using dial patterns, I somehow cannot figure out how to remove the + from it. I should probably say that I would probably want to replace the + with 00 or 001.

Did anybody else run into the same problem? How did you solve it? Thank you!

Simplest is to set the context for you trunks to:


which will clean up the CID and DID to be all numeric, then you can process with Superfecta like normal.

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Thank you Lorne!

I somehow missed you reply and only discovered it today, but it solved my problem right away.

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