Phonebook and UCP

I’ve many entries into UCP, but when calls incoming I can’t see that names on my IP phone.
Question: contacts on UCP would be retrive when incoming by freepbx phonebok (as CID superfecta)?
Or I’ve to edit/add someting into my freepbx?
Thank you

You can you “Asterisk Phonebook” if you want to see incoming calls with a name on your phone.

So all entrien in UCP will not show on my ip-phone when incoming calls? What’s use of UCP?

it is for users not for administrator.
if you give permission from "user management module"
for example:
user 101 can listen and coordinate voicemails, see call recordings, see call history, can use own contact list or “Contact manager” phone book, and most important thing for me; can originate calls from contact list.
push a number from contact list, and originate it. :slight_smile:

Superfecta does not currently support FreePBX Contact manager lookups. It will get done eventually: