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See original post; Sangoma Phones, ATT Fiber Uverse, EdgeRouter Setup

So I was able after factory resetting the phone to go in and manually configure an extension. Which now registered. If I go into endpoint manager I see my configured endpoint with the MAC and it shows as registered and has the ping response time. The phone is set to auto provision with sangomas server, which I can see in sangomas portal the polling attempts.

However the phone STILL refuses to pull the actual configuration. Even after selecting the force phone to check configuration and update the phone will pop up saying its checking the config and it was successful but never actually pulls it.

The phone has Login Int, Login Ext and now Line 3 being the one I manually registered.

So does anyone have any ideas on what gives why the phone will no longer properly pull configuration? It started first as refusing to register any of the lines (as it had the existing configuration), eventually I factory reset the phone and in my original topic you can see more about the issues I had.

Also to note, I removed the edge router and I even now factory reset the ATT modem so its the factory settings so it should work no issue. The phone still refuses to pull any configuration

Anyone? I’ve attached packet capture and all other data I can think of in the other post which also had no feedback. I’m ready to chuck this new phone in the trash

Did you setup the redirection to Internal or External?

If external have you opened the proper ports?

Which provisioning method are you using?

The setup is a CyberLynk VPS hosted FreePBX setup so the phones are setup to provision to external which points to the hostname of the VPS. The ports are open and I even disabled the firewall for testing.

Now mind you, this phone provisioned just fine about a month ago. Now of course anything could have happened between then and there. But it was configured and working.

The method is http

Are you able to access the xml file in a web browser?

Go to http://your.pbx.address:84/cfg00000000000.xml (assuming your provisioning port is 84. Replace the zeros with your phone MAC address, make sure it’s all lowercase)

It prompts for a login which I supplied the one in sysadmin and provisioning

Which authenticated

But it says there’s no file found

Try rebuilding the file in Extension Mapping and try again.

Your phone can’t pull the config if there’s no file there…

Welp that seems to at least have been the cause of why it wasn’t getting the configuration. After rebuilding it then showed up and rebooting the phone it pulled the configuration and reregistered.

No idea what caused the initial issue with the phone loosing registration, perhaps it was a series of events that happened together. But all is working now

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