Phone won't autoprovision

I think all settings are correct. Here is what I can find that would seem relevant. I have even tried different options for Option 66…

I have also tried just setting it to the URL plain and simple (

On the PBX


the phone is getting something from the PBX as it get’s the default phone password instead of the factory default password but it doesn’t prompt at all for login information.

I opened a ticket but so far the response has been underwhelming. I need to get this setup ASAP. As you can see so far really no luck.

I also updated the firmware of the phone to (manually) to That is also the Firmware set to be given out by the PBX. Oh yeah there is this too…

Does anybody have any ideas?

Are you sure you have modern firmware? What model phone are you trying this with?

What does the content of /tftpboot/0x00.xml shown with 0x00 being your model number of your phone.

As noted I have the most up to date firmware. However I found only the file(s) cfg0500.xml.

The contents are very brief (and likely the root of the problem). Please note I have changed the value of P2 to not give me actual password.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  <hl_provision version="1">
    <config version="1">

I just tried to manually delete those files and recreate my profile and have EPM recreate them and it didn’t… That doesn’t look good to me but of course I could be wrong.

This means you have not saved your global settings in EPM. Go save that page and it will write out those files

Thanks, currently Lorne Gaetz is working on the system so I am going to keep my fat fingers out of the way. I’ll post an update once everyone is done…

Okay indeed that was the problem + you need to set “XML-API (RestAPI) Default Login” to YES. Which was not my current setting. The wording of the popup text for that button is confusing (and doesn’t include Sangoma). As well I might mention this in the instructions.

Thanks for all the assistance. This is happily working now.

Agreed. I have filed a ticket to explore improved wording for this parameter:

Our quick start wiki for phones excpicitly states to make sure that this set and by default we set it on so someone on your PBX had to explicitly set it off.