Phone won't auto provision

I am trying to add a new Sangoma phone to my PBX. The phone will be external on a different network than my PBX and I am trying to provision it on that external network. I have the phone registered on the Sangoma site

I’m pretty sure my endpoint settings are correct

I have the phone added to the extension I want to provision it for

I have my provisioning enabled in System admin

I have port 84 forwarded in my router

What am I missing? Why can’t I get this thing to provision?

You have HTTP auth enabled. That means in the redirect server on our portal the URL needs to also have the username and password defined in the URL

Thanks Tony. Can you show me what the format is to provide the username and password in the URL?

http://username:[email protected]:port

Thanks Lorne!

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I’m still having trouble with this. The phone has provisioned but it is not receiving the template settings. All I’m getting is the line in the top right of the screen.

Here is what my setting are for this phone model

And here are my provision settings for the template.

I’ve tried rebooting the phone and pushing the config, nothing works.

Your firmware is to old to support phone apps. Make sure in EPM firmware management you grab a updated firmware and map your template to use that firmware slot.

This is all outlined in our wiki on phones.

Thank you!

Did that work?

Yes, it did. I had to reset the phone for it to grab the new config. I have other phones working correctly on that template, so I figured the firmware was correct.

Thanks again for your help!

My guess is you got phones from 2 batches. some with older firmware that do not support phone apps and some with newer that did hence why you did not notice it yet.