Phone with Dynamic Extensions?

Hey all,

I have about 15 field employees that we gave DID’s to for when they come into the office to work for a week or two at a time. Currently, they are by default configured to forward directly to their cellphones through the dialplan.

When they are in the office, we would like to have two or three of our phones in empty cubes be available for those users to “log into” and ring when a call comes into their DID. I know this can be done using find me follow me by adding that phone’s extension to the list. I would like to have a way that these users can sit down at the desk, punch a few buttons on the phone, and be logged into that specific phone.

Can this be done using some sort of asterisk or freePBX application or script?

Thanks in advance!

Check out the “Device and User” configuration.

I just checked out the device and user configuration vs. extension configuration. Everything would work great, as users that stay at their desks would always be logged in.

My issue with users/devices is that I have extensions in the office that are purely for answering incoming calls on our main line, such as in the break room and conference room. Would I still be able to have these phones ring without much configuration hassle?