Phone System Setup Forms

Hello forum members,
I am new to freePBX. I have currently set up a test phone system using trixbox and configured with freePBX.

Just let me say that I am thrilled! I am so tired of being stuck in proprietary phone equipment where the manufacturer dictates what features are available.

I am getting ready to setup a phone system for a branch office with approx. 10 extensions (both softphones, and IP phones), IVR, voice mail, and call recording. Pretty simple stuff.

I would like to do all my configuration planning on paper before actually entering the configuration into the server using freePBX.

My question is, are there forms available anywhere that I could print out to do this? For example, a form for setting up each extension with the desired options, etc.

I tried to print out the pages from my browser, but since new windows are opened inside the parent window, I don’t get the whole setup page with all the config fields.

In the past, when I used proprietary systems, the programmer would come out and we would fill out all the information needed to setup the phone system. I found this very helpful in visualizing how the system would work. It was also an excellent form of documenting the phone system.

I have looked through several forums and googled for such setup forms, but no luck.

If anyone has forms such as these and would like to share them, I would be very appreciative. Or if anyone knows where I could find them that would be great also.

Hopefully this will help others who are planning a new opensource pbx.

Thanks for any help and/or suggestions.