Phone System 100 Questions and problems

Hello Everyone,
I just recieved our Phone System 100 and I am having some problems with it.
I am able to use the USB to Serial cable to get into the PS100 but once there and logged in, I cant get an ip address from any of the ports. The only port that lights up when plugged into my switch is port 5. But when I do ifconfig, it shows port 4 as having a ipv6 ip address but no ipv4 address. When I plug an ethernet cable into port 1-4 none of them light up or show anything different in the console.
Can someone give me some pointers here please.
Thank You.

Plug it into the port that shows 0 that has a box around it. That is your primary port.

Did anyone else read the title thinking they have a phone system and had 100 questions and problems?

That’s why I clicked - that would have been a LOT of questions.:laughing:

I have ports 1-5. It only shows activity in port 5. But does not get an IP address from my DHCP server.

Now that I read the title it does read that way! haha. Im not that bad, just a few questions.

Their is no port 5. Look on the sticker on the front of the machine. They are numbered 1 thru 4 from left to right then far right is 0.

0 is the one you need to be plugged in. I can assure you it gets a IP as all systems are installed through PXE on that port which means it got a IP to install. Something is wrong with your network or your network cord.

From the CLI do a service network restart

Ok. I will go double check that Im plugged into the correct port and do that.

This is going to make me sound stupid. But is there a way to reset it to factory defaults. I have forgot my root password. God it has been a long day.

But before I was an idiot, this did work. I was controlling it. But I went to set the IP address and royally messed that up somehow. I think it is about time to go home for the night.

Ok. So I got back into it via the console. Is there anyway to reset the network on it. Back to being DHCP again?

Go edit the network config file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth4


service network restart

This is what I get both times. I have set them restarted the network service and still cant access the server.
Any explanation why?
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