Phone specific address for provisionion server (endpoint)

I’m using Endpoint and in the OSS one you can specify a different provisioning server on a per-phone basis after the template is applied. Is this possible in the commercial version as well and I’m just not seeing how to do it or the option? Thanks.

Where in the OSS end point manager are you configuring a different provisioning server for each phone?

I realize my question doesn’t make any sense now that I’m re-reading it. I realize I meant the SIP server. The provisioning server is from DHCP.

So I know in OSS you could specific the SIP server on a phone specific basis. Is this possible with the commercial module?



Is are you doing this with the GUI or creating templates? I don’t see anything in the GUI where you could configure a second address.

Destination Address…

I guess the answer is No. The Destination Address applies to a template, not a specific phone.