Phone Ringtime Default vs Queue Agent Timeout

How does the Phone Ringtime Default setting of FreePBX Advanced Settings behave together with the Queue Agent Timeout setting? Does the Queue honour the phone’s ringtime setting?

The queue honor’s its ring time as that is what determines how long to call the agents. The extensions ring time is ignored.

I’m not doubting your veracity on this, but I’ve run into a case where the phone’s timeout (which sends the call to voicemail) and the queue’s timeout were the same. It was a long time ago, so this may not still be the case, but this combination would cause a phone in the queue to send the call to Voice Mail about 1/3 of the time.

@trixie_no5 If there’s any doubt in your mind, set the phone timeout to something higher than the queue timeout. That way, you are certain that the queue will handle the call on timeout every time.

Will Ring Groups’ Ring Time (max 300 sec) setting also ‘override’ the Phone Ringtime setting?

For Queues, use no follow me or forward.
Ive never had a queue call go to voicemail unless you have cell phones in the queue. Even ring groups will not go to voicemail. I also use the ignore call forward flag here. If you have cell phones in the queue you need to use call confirm and create 2 queues for it to bounce back and forth from.

To answer the queuestion…queue time set to 15 seconds. Phone set to 25. Queue will ring 15. If thats reversed phone set to 15 and queue set to 25. They will get 1X 15 second call and 1X 10 second call before moving on to next destination or agent retry after so many seconds. Essentially extension ring time is ignored.

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