Phone Restart Module

Hello again,
I noticed a while back a Phone Restart in the Admin section of the GUI and have found that very helpful at times.
I have a customer that has a bunch of SNOM 320 handsets that the screens fade on after a few days operation.
The handsets are out of warranty and supplier will not replace or do anything with them but after a reboot they seem to work fine for a while.
What I was wondering is if someone could tell me what I coulld put into a cron job to call this procedure on say a nightly basis at 2am.
Thanks in advance.

This should work in CRON job. Replace EXTENSION with the actual extension number.

asterisk -rx “sip notify reboot-snom EXTENSION”

I have used sip notify to reboot Polycom phones. From the Asterisk CLI do “sip notify ?” and you should see all the different reboots of phone models.

Looks like to seperate multiple extensions is done by just adding a space between each one. (not sure yeat as one of my test phones doesn’t like to reboot from commands - but if I comma seperate them, then i get an error whereas is i just space seperate them it get 2 lines come up each one saying "sending SIP NOTIFY of type reboot-snom to “Extension number”)

Separate them with a space. You will see a notification message for each phone. You can test this fron the Asterisk CLI. To get to the Asterisk CLI just type “asterisk -r” at the Linux command prompt. To exit from the Asterisk CLI type quit.

Yep, first thing i did when i saw you rpost was onto CLI and typed that. That was ho wi figured out how to seperate with space not comma.
Thanks again for your help.
Trying to remember how to make a script to put in cron.daily now.

How do you tell the script to call asterisk and then input the command??

Edit … … just reread your first reply Alan and all is good.
Thanks again.