Phone Registration

So I created pjsip extension but my grandstream phones will not register after entering the right sip settings. Anyone has an idea of what might be the issue?

Logs will tell you what the error is. Without the logs around the failure, it could be any one of a hundred things.

And if it doesn’t show up in the log its probably a firewall issue.

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I am not sure as to what I am looking for in the logs… I was locked out for 2hrs because I’m a new member :confused:

/var/log/asterisk/full would be a place to start. Search for the extension number in question (may be difficult if its a 2 digit extension) and look for things like “wrong password” or “invalid ACL”.

Or open the asterisk console at the command line and turn up the verbosity a bit (asterisk -rvvv) and restart the phone. You should see it try to register.

If you don’t see anything happening check your template/config (to make sure you don’t have something stupid like the phone trying to register at the wrong address), white list (Admin -> System Admin to see if its been banned), and firewall (to see if its even allowed to attempt to register).

Thanks so much bksales after going through the logs i noticed that the SIP port was incorrect

Yep, indeed.

with PJSIP the port is changed.
Also, sometimes you can be dropped by Fail2ban as well.
It arrives sometimes when you try to setting up a new extension.
Just need to apply the best rules for that. :wink:

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