Phone Registers but FreePBX wont

In visiting Mynetfone (Australian VSP) I discover that they have an outage beginning 8:00am yesterday and the site has only just been update stating that the ETA on the fix will be 4:00pm today.

I noticed our trunks lost registration yesterday and I assume that MNF outage has caused this however I am not 100% sure.

We have made no modifications to our FreePBX settings, we just lost registration however I can register a trunk directly via 1 of our Yealink T46G’s.

Registration via the FPBX times out.

Question: Does it make sense or is it possible that I can register a trunk via the phone itself but not be able to register via the FreePBX box (which of course was registered prior to yesterdays reported outage.)


Yes, the network topography could be a reason, but that is all speculative. Is the far end receiving the hit? What do the SIP messages show?

I have gone into the root directory via putty (asterisk -r and set sip debug on) and I previously got something like “timed out”. I have gone in again just now and did the some thing but nothing is being displayed at all despite me calling other extensions.
Maybe the the problem is my end.

PS When rebooting the FPBX box , is it normal for “Firewall service now starting” to appear?

It appears that I have solved the problem.
For some unknown reason registration works using another “host server” name.
Why the old one doesnt work is unknown.
Thanks for your help.

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