Phone Registering but not receiving calls... Shows pale green in FOP

Hi there,

i’m having problems with a single remote user and their hardware phone. It has been working fine for some months, but then just before Christmas started to have problems receiving calls and when making them it lasted 20seconds and then cut off.

All other remote SIP devices are fine, the firewall at each end is configured correctly with the correct fixed IP’s and port etc. I did have a “permit” setting for their fixed IP address configured, but have removed this now for the testing. Most interestingly using a software phone with the same Ext IP etc from the remote users machine and things are fine.
I’m basically at a point where everything looks like its configured correctly,

  • the phone conects to the server and shows up in FOP but in a pale green and with the rest of its info looking “pale” or misty as well.
  • Phoning the extension goes straight to voicemail.
  • receiving calls are cut off within 20 seconds
    The phone is a Polycom Soundpoint IP 321
    Does anyone have any ideas? Require more info of certain config to help?
    Many thanks for help in advance

I’ll close this down as we’ve resolved it.
For future reference, it was caused (as i suspected all along) by an issue on the FW at their end -which they assure me hadn’t been changed…???. A reconfig of their inbound rules has allowed calls to resume as normal.