Phone keeps on ringing

For some reason when I call my Cisco 7941 and hang up, it keeps on ringing. It stops the audible sound but still has the indicator light flash and you can’t answer it. Here is what it looks like:
The small light on the side flashes orange. The only way to stop this is to restart the phone

Here is what my log says when I’m calling the phone that has this issue:

This is a normal call log:
Some of the differences that I’ve noticed is the presence error and at the end it doesn’t call the macro-hangup. I’m not really sure what the problem here is and the extension configuration is pretty much the same. This is the first time I’ve had this issue.

I was on 2.11 and had this issue, I upgraded to 2.12 to see if it would fix it and I am still getting this issue.

Thanks for the help!

Is the phone on a different network than the server.

Yes all of my extensions are on a different vlan.

Hmm I updated the firmware and it seemed to have fixed the issue.

Which version ? Mine just started doing this… 7960, but basically the same as 7940.

My load file is SIP41.9.4.2-1S