Phone is offline

I have a small install of FreePBX, cloud hosted.
The phone is in a different physical location.
The phone would show up as OFFLINE, and incoming calls would not ring. However, Outgoing calls are still working.
I would restart the phone and then incoming calls will continue to work.

How do I fix this ?

Try setting a short register expiry in the phone e.g. change from 3600 seconds to 120.

If no luck, please post: Phone make/model? Router/firewall (at phone location) make/model? pjsip or chan_sip? When phone is offline, if you make an outgoing call and then immediately try incoming, does that work?

It is a Polycom VVX 300
I have updated the settings. Will report back if I continue having issues (it takes some time before I lose it…)

So I got this again… I did what you were saying. I placed an outgoing call and immediately after, I placed an incoming call. The result was, simply went to voicemail.

You picture shows Expires at 3600. Did you change it to 120 and reboot the phone?

It is set to 120 and I rebooted. Still the same

Also, the BLF keys are working properly

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