Phone Features missing from ARI User Portal after upgrade to 2.4

There was a link to Phone Features in the ARI recordings user portal in version 2.3. This page let users edit their own ring strategy or hunt group. This page was located at the following link:


This page is non existent after upgrading to Free PBX ver 2.4. Is there a way to bring this back or install a module to accomplish the same task.

Thanks for any help

there has never been an ability to set the ring strategy in the ARI. Any such feature would have been something you added that was non-standard. Changing the ring strategy in the current implementation requires a reload and reloads are not allowed in any code that gets executed by the ARI. I believe someone had submitted a ticket at one point that had a patch to do something like that so you may want to search the ticket system.

We just built a new server using a fresh install of ver 2.3.1 of Free PBX using a download from source forge. In the ARI on the left there is a link to a page called “Phone Features”. Once you click on this link you have a page that lets you set options for enabling call waiting and DND. There is also 3 options for setting call forwarding, Unconditional Busy and Unavailable. This whole page for phone features is missing after upgrading to 2.4. Maybe I am mistaken in my use of the term ring strategy, what I really want to have access to again is the ability to configure these different types of forwarding in the ARI. Is there a way to get this functionality back?

That would be:


which is in 2.4, sounds like something may be up with your install.

I will track that down but at least I know where to look. Thanks for the info

I checked to location you list above and the phonefeatures.module is where is should be. Phone features appears in the menu on the left side of the ARI on the server I recently built but does not show up on my old server that has been in service for months. Both servers are now running FreePBX 2.4.

Just to make sure both servers are similar, I copied all of the files in /var/www/html/recordings/modules from the working server over to the one that is not working. This made no change. The Phone Features Item still does not appear on the old server.

There must be something else causing this odd behavior. Do you know what controls the appearance or diappearance of menu items in the IVR?