Phone Customization

Hi. I am running FreePBX with Asterisk 13.12.1. I am running a small mixture of Sangoma S300s and S500s. When I attempt to assign hotkeys and phone configurations via the phone settings options within the phone, they seem to reset daily back to the original template. Do I need to set up a separate template for each phone to allow them to have customized hotkeys and settings or is there a something that I’m missing somewhere that can allow the phones to maintain customized configurations?

Hi Samuel
Have you tried using “Endpoint Manager”? It’s available to use with all Sangoma phones. All you need to do is setup one template and from within that template you can program the buttons of the 300S + 500S. Hope this helps.

If you want to have different buttons for each phone you can override what the template has from UCP for each user.

@tonyclewis So there is not a method in which I can do permanent changes on each individual phone? For example: I decide that since I am sending a lot of calls to an individuals voicemail, I want to add a hotkey on my keys to simulate *300 (the extension). This hotkey should be able to stay on this phone. Secretaries should not have to re-assign hotkey functions daily. Does the option GUI over Config File allow this option?

If you are using the free version of EPM, go to Global settings and enable “Admin UCP for All”. This will add an extra button to each device configured in Extension Mapping where you can override any button template settings. If granted permission, your users can login to UCP and make the changes themselves. If you are using the paid version of EPM you must license the UCP for EPM module.

If you want to let your users changes be permanent, you can also edit the phone template, and set the GUI Override to GUI, but I think the preferred method is as above.

@lgaetz If the GUI Override is a permanent override to provisioning config files…I prefer that. Our system is overkill for all the more users we have and we just want comfort for our secretaries…there are only 4 people that route calls in our facility so we want them to be able to do whatever they want to make it seamless in this VoIP integration. They want buttons, they can have them.