Phone continue to ring for 5-10 seconds if i close the call

finally i configured my new system
All is going good, only one thing…

During my test i see that:
If i try to make a call from my iphone to my asterisk system and after 5 seconds i close the call, my extension continue to ring for 2-3 times… i don’t undestand why

Someone know how is possible it? Maybe i add some configuration…
Is possible to remove this “issue”?

If you look at the /var/log/asterisk/full log, you should be able to track what is continuing after the call is terminated at the originator.

I thnk you’ll find that your system is recognizing the call is terminated within a couple of seconds, and the phone is recognizing that your system has issued a “never mind”.

Ten seconds is a long time at these levels of scrutiny - are you your calls are continuing for 10 seconds after the call is terminated at the phone server?

hi, i solved it, i edit something in freepbx control panel and now is working good