Phone Book / Directory

I have a PBXact setup using Sangoma corded, dect phones (D10M) and yealink W56P dect. I am wanting to create a phonebook/directory that can be centrally maintained but appears on the phones. I’ve looked around at the various sections in the admin panel but I’m non the wiser as to how to achieve this.

Any guidance greatly appreciated.

Phones pull their phonebooks like they do their config files, so this is probably going to be a job for EPM.

Getting the local directory data from the server into the phones usually involves some kind of an extract and reformat program. The Yealink will use a different format than the Sangoma phones (see Yealink XML Phonebook.xml auto-generation for more information).

Someone from Sangoma may want to chime in here at some point - I don’t know what they do/require when it comes to preloading directories.

I don’t know anything about the Sangoma DECT phones, but I assume thy also are designed to use the phoneapps scripts for contacts, like the other models of Sangoma phones.

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