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Does anyone know if there is any way to extend the timeout on the display screen when looking at the queues/stats? If you pull up the screen it times out in like 30 to 40 seconds, and you have to run back in all over again if desired. I have a client that is looking for a way to keep the queue stats up on screen for an extended period of time??

When you are in conferences does it stay up indefinitely?

I am a little lost by your question, as I am trying to get the queues app to stay up and show stats like like is seen at your wiki url of

I have managers that want to see who is logged into the queue, and who is waiting, which according to the link the app does, but the app times out and goes back to the normal screen when they are trying to monitor the status.

As to conferences, I am not aware of anyone that would be working in the CSR queue, and also have a conference running at the same time, so not sure what effect that would have.

My guess is they are most interested in being able to see the status of the people they manage in the queue via the app, and it seems to do this, but it times out, clears the screen, and goes back to the default phone screen in under a minute. Anyway to stop if from doing this, or to at least extend the timeout?


I understand what you are asking.

When you are in the “Conferences App” for “Phone Apps”. Does the conference room stay up indefinitely or not. That is all I need to know. I don’t need an explanation of Queues.

If you dont have conferences then go into phone apps and assign a conference to your phone. Go into the conference in rest apps and sit there and see if after 40 seconds it quits.

Thank you. This will answer a question about how your phone reacts to phone apps urls which is why I asked originally.

Ah OK, got it. I will have my client test this for you tomorrow and will report back. I know they have conferences, so should be no issue assigning one to the phone to test…

Please correct me if I’m wrong however phone apps do not update in real-time, correct? My understanding is that it reports back with the the queue stats as they were at that moment and time however do not automatically refresh with current data.

Good point Frank, as if it never updates till you exit and go back in, then using it to monitor a queue’s status becomes a moot point. I need a solution (without it tying up a users desktop), that allows people to monitor the status of the customer service queues.

Andrew, I asked the client to try the conferences test, but the poor guy has been out sick the past week, so I haven’t been able to get it done. Of course if what Frank said is correct, this may be moot overall anyway.

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