Phone Apps Queues and Parking

Hi All

We have a number of agents in queuse. If a call is recieved that needs to be sent to an agent who is not available the call is parked. And the agent concerned is notified by IM as to the slot in whihc the call is parked.

This however leads to 3 unwanted issues.

1 the agent who parked the call is still busy according to the queue so is not offered more calls.

2 This agent who is now free will pick up calls using directed pickup via phone Apps queues. This causes Queue_log to show the call as being abandoned rather than answered.

3 The parked call that is answered by the other agent is not logged in queue log.

What would be the best solution for being able to Park queue calls for another user without blocking the user in app_queue for new calls and get accurate reporting?

Fixes for 1 and 2 are to upgrade Asterisk, ver. 13.17 has the fix for the Queue transfer bug. I doubt there is a fix for 3.