Phone APPS, please help

Good Morning Gents,

Let me say (although I have not seen them working) it looks to me like phone apps are going to be amazing. I think the team at FreePBX / Smooze have done an amazing job.

My issue is that the pricing of the phone apps seems to be a little confusing (or maybe I’m just reading it wrong?).

According to the FreePBX sales portal is is $175US per user (Phone)? While I do understand that these type of applications cost a lot to develop, it seems for a small business of say 10 extensions that is going to work out very expensive.

10 x $175 Phone Apps
1 x $75 Central phone deployment
1 x $200 iSymphony 3 with 2 queues

If I have worked this out correctly that’s $2,025US with No support.

Maybe I have this all wrong, but from what I can see it will be a very hard sell when you compare this to the likes of 3CX?

Your thoughts?

There is a mistake in your math… the Phone Apps module is $175 for a PBX license. You are about $1575 over… but if you want to split the difference I can send you my Paypal address.

I’ll go check the websites and marketing materials to make sure this pricing is clear.


Hey Preston,

Thanks for your speedy response :slight_smile:

I have had another look at the store, and to be honest it is not that clear that this is a “pbx” license rather than a “per user” license.

Sorry for the confusion but I’m so revealed and think that this product will revolutionize the FreePBX product line.

I really want to do my FreePBX training, any thoughts of doing any training out of the USA? The travel for me is far more than the training itself :frowning: