Phone apps parking module only displays parked "device", not number

I have a phone apps park button assigned to one of my phone’s soft keys.
When I park a call and try to retrieve it shows up as this on the phone’s display:

  1. 71 device (3 seconds)
  2. 72 device (50 seconds)

Is there a way to display the CallerID number instead of “device”, so that one can know which phone is parked in what parking slot?

Hi @avayax. Was this after a module update? I’m running FreePBX 13 with Phone Apps (mainly Yealink) and don’t experience this issue. I was planning on upgrading to 14 soon but am now hesitant.

We are actually on FreePBX 13 as well, also using Yealink phones.

Our phone apps version is, maybe you are on a later version and it was fixed after?

I’ll check and get back to you

Looks like I’m on Yealink firmware Using PJSIP for extensions.

I am also using PJSIP and firmware V84.
Maybe it’s the firmware, can’t try and downgrade one now, maybe I will try tomorrow.

T42S phones.

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I would be interested to know if you could show the CallerID rather than the Cnam. That’s what it sounds like it is doing. I’m running and both firmware V81 and V84. When I park a call, it only shows the CNAM and not the caller ID. I didn’t see an option in the parking app to choose what it should show

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