Phone Apps Misbehaving

I’ve had the phone apps installed/configured/working for quite some time. I’ve noticed recently that the apps are “misbehaving” and that some of the features aren’t working like they should.

I’m using Aastra 57i phones, firmware.

FreePBX is: v12.0.76.4, FreePBX firmware: 6.12.65-30 (yes, I’m behind on two updates…)
REST Phone Apps 12.0.48, EPM 12.0.20, the deployment is current (paid up).

Things that I’ve noticed that have changed:

  1. The services button on the aastra no longer lists 4 options to select and one of those options was the recent call list. (See Below*)
  2. Voicemail app “disappears” when you are playing a voicemail. The voicemail button works when you press it, it takes you to your voicemail list. When you select Play, it starts to play the message, but the button options revert back to the options of: Drop, Public, Conf, Xfer. It’s like the system thinks I’m on a phone call.

Something that I just noticed while playing with voicemail to get all the screen info correct is that if I play a message the first time, I get the wrong options/buttons on the bottom 6 buttons. I generally press 8 and then the phone goes back to the voicemail message. If I press Play a second time, it has the correct screen prompts of: Exit, Rewind, FFwd, Pause.

How do I verify that I have the latest/greatest phone apps? I see that /var/www/html/restapps has all the rest app zip files and they are all dated Dec 17, 2015. Have there been no updates since that time?

The system has been up for a month and two weeks.

Any ideas on why the system is acting this way?

Thanks for your help!,

  • OK, after playing with the EPM I see they have a “Call List” option and I switched the button to that and the call list now works, that’s what I really wanted from the list of 4 other options from services.

You have unsuported and outdated PBX. FreePBX 12 has not been supported in quite a long time and the phone firmware I think is really old I thought they were on a 3.2 or something

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When it comes to Phone Apps the ONLY app that i ever really noticed an issue with is the Voicemail app. Even using the latest PBXact Updates and Sangoma phones we still have the issue described above with the buttons disappearing or being wrong. Messages don’t always play either. Its the only app that has issues. But the other half of it is that the app we are using is actually the “Transfer to Vmail” App. We noticed that during a call you get the Transfer app but with the phone idle you get the Visual Voicemail app. Is that by design or a flaw? I always assumed it was by design.