Phone Apps - Login module on Yealink T22P

I am using the latest version of the phone apps on a yealink T22P running the latest firmware,

When launching the login module, I put in the extension number, then password (from the user manager module in freepbx) then enter, and the screen just returns to the “Authentication required” screen asking for the extension. This is driving me CRAZY the last few days. If I am manually logged onto the phone with an extention, I can use the other phone apps, so I know the pbx is visable via the http page and all other things are ok.

Just the login module is not working, which is the most important for me, as users want to roam.

I have read every manual etc I can find, and no clues. Any help appreciated


At this time that modules uses the voicemail password for login or the global password as defined in global settings of EPM.

still doing the same, just beeps and cycles back to the login extension prompt.