Phone Apps Languages

In what languages is Phone Apps available ?

I tried to find the information in the forum or the manual but I can’t find it.
They are some posts in the forum about translations but nothing concrete.

@chrischevy You can see all of the languages that are available for a given module at For Phone Apps in particular, please see If you aren’t seeing a particular language and would like to help translate, you can find information on how to help at

chrischevy, I believe you are asking that question for French as you have asked about French before…

I will see what I can do about updating it ASAP…

edit: I see that @danardf seems to have worked on it recently… Congrats on the new logo over your name Franck… :wink:

I barely put any effort into commercial modules (which this is) as I have only one and I don`t have one of the supported phones…

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Ha Sangoma on bottom ?

I can help to translate, it would be my pleasure !
I see that it’s up to only 2.7%, so I think that we can say that it’s not really started.
I will have to check the procedure to translate stuff for FreePBX. I’m in Quebec and the law is very strict: everything on the phones must be in French (when a company has more than XX employees). In the past, we had to print custom lablels to put on SNOM phones so that the button labels where French, Luckily, we now use Aastra/Mitel phones and all the buttons use pictograms.

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I could start to translate something also.


Huh? I see 40% here…


I have to get back to work but I will respond to this as soon as I get the chance…

Suffice it to say that if we are many to work on this than we better make sure we are consistent in our translations and that we don’t unnecessarily use English or English related formatting like title case…

Only if you get audited by the OQLF I believe… :wink:


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This is exactly what happened !

Anecdotally, I have a client that was required by the ADA ( Americans with Disabilities Act) to supply Braille labels for all light switches and phone buttons in their “Video Editing Suites” , gotta love that one :wink:


Actually I probably have a problem with my glasses as I see 100% now…


I figured that since you inquired you had a use for it and since you had some “fun” with those OQLF people you better had to make sure it was in French so I translated it during my spare time…

I did it on a best effort basis because I don’t have a license for that module and I have none of the supported phones so there was no way for me to actually confirm if what I translated actually made sense in context…

Since this is a commercial module it is not possible to look at the source code to see how the translated string is actually used, something which I sometimes do when I translate FreePBX or another open source program I translate so it was even harder to figure out what some of the things I translated were actually used for.

As I have said to other people which help translate that other open source program a translation is always a work in progress and there is always room for improvement so if somethings turns out not to be optimally translated it can be fixed in the future.

Good luck and have a nice day!



What might or might not be an issue for you is the code submission agreement.


Translations for FreePBX need to have this filled in and signed.

Many many years ago (almost 15 years) that could have caused me problems but it is no longer an issue.

At the time I chose to limit my “contributions” to projects such as this one to anything but programming or anything which could have been associated to programming.

I had already submitted some (code) patches when I started translating for FreePBX (like a year ago) so it was just a matter of being given access since I had already signed the code submission agreement.

Talking of source code patches I just submitted a pull request to fix a little translation problem, it can happen from time to time…

If you intend to start translating we can try (with @danardf) to coordinate efforts and setup some guidelines so that

such as

I have seen too many places already where previous French translators did not use the proper French words or unnecessary use of English words or used English style title case (almost every word has the first letter in upper case). This is not proper French.

Every time I have a doubt about a translation I do a search on the same kind of sites real translators use (trust me, I know, my brother is a real translator… :wink:). One of the best sites to do that is, you probably guessed it, the OQLF site… :wink:

Of course, even if we setup some guidelines between ourselves nothing is stopping other people from modifying our translations after…

On the other open source project I help translate this is not possible without the main translators consent (I make sure of it) but with FreePBX nothing like this is enforced…

LOL, I know a place where they would have a field day with those cheapy Polycom phones that were installed… Some of the buttons legends are on the display but at least a few of them are printed directly on the phone’s plastic…

Someone recently suggested that the OQLF had audited them because they were asking about how to change the language of some of their programming tools and other similar programs but I doubt that was actually the case because they would have had problems with their phones and quite a few other things…

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What was their excuse for that? Could these “Video Editing Suites” be used to edit audio only by these individuals?

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No, the audio suites are all extant and separate , They neither have so far employed ( to my knowledge) any folks who are hearing impaired, but I am prepared to add “loud ringers” and strobes if necessary :wink:

I didn’t have time to come back because I’m stuck on some other issues, but I wanted to thank you for the translation ! I will implement it when I have some spare time.

Thanks again Marbled !

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(You are welcome!)

If you see anything wrong, please let me know by PM and I will correct it…

I usually avoid translating stuff I cannot check what the string means in context and later test my translation and I don’t have this module nor any of the supported phones.

It is also not possible to look at the source code to figure out what a string and its placeholders (%s) mean since this is a commercial module and the source code for those is not provided. For one of the applications I help translate it is possible for the developers to put comments to tell the translators what the placeholders contain but it doesn’t look like it is possible with the translation framework FreePBX uses…

I do not believe it has been published yet though… It looks like it usually has to wait until they fix something else besides translations for the translations to be published…

In the meantime let’s hope that nobody decided to retranslate this module…

(That’s a long story about something that happened about two weeks ago…)

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(Good luck and have a nice day!)