Phone Apps Hang

I have also noticed this. I also see that my phone pops up with Provisioning every so often which it never did until newer firmwares.

My Parking app and Voicemail apps hang. I have not tried rebooting the phone however. Let me reboot and see how it works tomorrow.

I will let you know

Have you guys submitted a ticket on this (or found one that you can add comments to)? This sounds like a bug in the recent phone apps software to me, and letting the developers know (instead of just us) might be a good idea.

There is a non-public ticket for this issue, and we are actively seeking a resolution.

What I’ve noticed lately, that it appears on Sangoma Phones every few hours on provisioned phones the two login buttons for two seconds, then it disappears. But the phone stays with the correct info.

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I submitted and official ticket on the supportpage.

I had contact with Lorne Geatz for collecting some data.

What i did is to increase the provisioning time in the endpointmanager till about 8 weeks to work around the issue.

Hope Lorne and his team can come up with a fix :grinning:


Can you clarify what value you are changing here to work around this issue?

We currently have over 100 of these deployed, and people are complaining all the time. I also notice the phones with the expansion modules are more troublesome…

Hi David,

I set the resync time setting in the global settings of the endpointmanager to 4838400 seconds

Its about 8 weeks.

Try to see if that sorts the problem.

Apparantly the problem is a bigger scale of what sangoma thinks it is.

Thanks; I have made that change now; will see how it goes.

Yea, I have a few issues with the phones; even the phones not using apps get slower and slower over time, to the point there are large delays when answering calls, and its impossible to use features like the transfer button.

Keeping the faith :slight_smile:

I never noticed any slow interface over time. Will keep an eye on it.

Eventually u can reboot every phone via the EPM remotely. SO maybe once a week after working hours a reboot of the phones that will reset everything for a while.

I just updated the phones to the latest firmware via de EPM (1.46) and i think they managed the problem now.

can someone here verify maybe?

i had been running a test version from sangoma that seemed to fix the problem. just switched over to 1.46 and so far it seems to be behaving as well. i’ve got my phones set to reprovision every 15 minutes, so by tomorrow i’lll have a more informed opinion.

i’ve also asked the tech on the case if 1.46 is supposed to fix things.

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The latest published firmware bundle 1.46 ( contains a fix for this issue. Any affected users should upgrade to the most recent and test.

PBX or Phone firmware bundle?


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