Phone App VM doesn’t play on S500

I have Sangoma S500 phones on FreePBX 14 with Asterisk 16. I am using pjsip so that I can register multiple endpoints to the same extension. Phone apps run over HTTPS with a certificate issued by Comodo. I am using the FQDN that matches the certificate.

On extensions with only one endpoint, everything works fine. If I connect multiple endpoints to the extension, voicemails will not play through the phone app on one of the endpoints. They work fine on the other. Unregistering the functioning endpoint allows the previously non-functioning device to play voicemails again.

Is this a bug that I need to create a ticket for or an error in my configuration? Please advise what logs / information is requested.

The voicemails themselves can accessed fine through UCP, are emailed on arrival, and can play through *97 on any endpoint.

(I know the phones should have support. I xfirst contacted Sangoma through the support portal, but I was given zero help and told I need to pay for support.)

Not supported

Thank you @lgaetz. Support didn’t mention that. I did search tickets and this forum but missed that.

One of the main reasons for purchasing Sangoma model phones was for their close integration and support with FreePBX. The ticket gave no further details other then “pjsip not supported”. Is this something even being considered? Timeline? Thank you for any additional input.

I wouldn’t know. You can open a feature request for a commercial module:

Done. Thank you.

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