Phantom Conference changes/keystrokes?

Have users on two separate systems (one on Hyper-V, one on physical box) reporting ongoing issues with Conferences (using the free module, not Conf Pro).

The physical install is on 1.817.210.58-1. Users report that the conference options list is randomly announced.

The virtual instance is 5.211.65-12 and users are reporting that conference participants are being randomly muted and cannot unmute.

I know that these things can happen with an inadvertent * and 1 key press respectively, but I’m wondering if anyone else has been experiencing these issues with users reporting no key stroke.

you might want to investigate if any of the callers are using cell phones. the older smart phones did not disable the screen when you have the phone next to your ear.

Quite sure. In at least one case it happened while the users were sitting around a Polycom speaker phone; it just suddenly told them they’d been muted. And they were the conference admins.

If this is a big issue, then for the time being turn off menus in conferences. I think you may have a dtmf talkoff, are these issues happening when external conference members are participating? Have you done just an internal one only? Does it behave the same weird way?

It’s happening to internal and external participants, admins and non-admins. My first thought was accidental key presses, but that’s not it. I do have menus off on several now but I don’t think that disables self-mute.

This wasn’t happening when we first setup the conferences. We had issues with audio sync/lag that support blamed on Hyper-V, but that problem has mysteriously gone away and now we have this…

can you do dtfm logging and see if it really does send those keystrokes during conf?

At this point it’s happening inconsistently, perhaps one out of ten conferences. And due to the ongoing issue, the users have reverted to an externally hosted conference solution.

I can turn on DTMF logging, but we’d have to capture and sort through a massive amount of data to find something; a needle in a haystack.

It would be easier to just disable DTMF in conferences- they aren’t using and don’t need any of those features.