PFsense | after internet outage Pjsip "rejected"

Hello everyone,

My FreePPBX box works wonderfull until my internet provider has a outage. Then i need to reset the PFsense state table and reboot my whole FreePBX device in order to be able to place outside calls again.

During the problem i see the Pjsip registration status : rejected

Is there someone else who faced a similiar problem ?


I was facing a similar issue with OPNsense some time ago. My solution was to modify the following pjsip advanced settings:

Forbidden Retry Interval: 20
Fatal Retry Interval: 20
General Retry Interval: 180
Expiration: 180
Max Retries: 999999
Qualify Frequency: 360

Now my truncs return to status registered after an outage or router reboot

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Thank You ! i tried your settings.

Hope they they will indeed help

during the problem my other chan_sip registration acts like it can’t reach the voip server.

I can confirm that your settings helped me to fix the problem :slight_smile:

CHAN_SIP trunks seem to stay stuck on “Request_sent”

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