Person centric VOIP


Like so many others we have seen a lot of change over the past few years. Mostly people leaving but now people are coming back we hope. SO those devices that have been sadly holding on to past peoples names like irrevocable name tags need to be reassigned…

Is there a way to change my thinking from device centric VOIP to person centric VIOP?

In other words I want to set up people and tell my VOIP (or better yet have my users tell my server) how to find them.

I think that the simple way is for me to think about extensions as people right? Someone’s extension # is sort of their VOIP ID# and NOT a physical location (which is the way I had it in my head). This probably means that I have to throw out my old way of assigning extensions but if I do that can people then self manage and have there extension forward to their cel, their PC based SIP, their in office desktop device etc?

Read up on “device and user mode” it does exactly what you are describing.