Permit Originate Internet phone call?

Hi to All.

I need to modify permit or originate command make phone call with ip phone from internet:

this is my code on manager.conf:

secret = 300
read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent
write = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent

How do I configure to originate phone call from internet with a public ip?

Thanks in advance!

I would configure your firewall to forward your SIP traffic to your server. The Internet phones would register to your public IP address. The Internet phone extensions would have NAT=yes set. Here’s a website that talks about slipping SIP past the firewall.

Sorry, it’s not clear what you mean by “originate phone call from Internet”. Are you trying to call in to your Asterisk server from an unregistered phone outside of your local network? Or trying to register a phone outside of your local network from the Internet?

I have a server that use 10 ip phone in a local network for a callcenter.

I’m using the originate function to make the phone call from local pc on the network.

Now they want 10 more user in another location that going to be connect it to the same server with the same db, but using internet to connect the phone to asterisk, but i don’t know how to allow asterisk to use the 10 phones to connect to my internet server in a public address xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.

I’m using originate with php to dial user extension after a client is selete it.
I need to know what modify to permit internet phone call in manager.conf?

I don’t have to configure:


on manager.conf to allow or permit Internet trafic from originate command?
If Yes, How should look like Permit or Deny?

Thanks i Advance!

the manager.conf has no relationship to registering SIP extensions.

The deny and permit in manager.conf is for allowing or disallowing IP addresses to the FreePBX interface. Security as to which IP addresses or networks can administer FreePBX