Permit Blind Transfers

Hello everyone,

I have been tasked to implement a specific use case for a hospital freepbx but unfortunately with no success.

I have about 200 extensions that are not permitted through an outbound route to call mobile phones.
There is also a specific extension (front desk-reception) that is permitted to call mobile phones.
When i try from an extension (that is not permitted) to call reception and be blind transferred to a mobile phone number the transfer is not successfull.
When i permit the same extension (pool of 200) to call mobile phones in outbound routes the transfer is successfull.

How could i implement this without permitting all extensions calling mobile phones?

FreePBX version 15.0.21
Asterisk version 16.20.0

A huge thank you to anybody that will give a helping hand!

If you need the front desk to transfer calls out to cell phones, then have the front desk start an attended transfer and once the cell phone is ringing, complete the transfer fully.

Unfortunately when we tried this we have noticed that with attended transfer the front desk has to wait for the other party to answer or not before doing the transfer so it’s not really an option for them. They would prefer a blind transfer. I really imagined this would be an easy task…

Are the front desk using feature codes or native SIP (REFER) operations?

They are using grandstream gxp2160 devices and i believe that by pressing the button transfer underneath it is feature codes. Am I right? Did I understand the question correctly?

What happens if they key in the attended transfer code (*2) explicitly? I’m guessing that this is currently a native transfer, and it is the Grandstream which is not allowing you to do a half attended transfer.

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Just gave it a try and worked like a charm the first time with the feature code *2! Thank you very much! Have a great day!

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