Permissions Degradation in FreePBX

Permissions Degradation in FreePBX. Can an Admin Account suddenly lose all access in FreePBX?

Can you be more specific?

What were you doing?
Where were you doing it?
What did you expect to happen?
What actually happened?

Admin Account still logged in, but there was nothing in the Nav Bar.

I wonder if that is more of a rendering issue, than a permissions issue. What if you add
To the end of your URL (replacing the current config.php)? Can you get to the page?

Yeah you will always have at least a dashboard button. We know you have permission to see dashboard because you are in it.

Try incognito maybe.

SysAdmin Page with no Nav Bar.

We had other admin reset permissions and the Nav Bar came up fine.
Was this just a glitch or was there something that can do this within the system?

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