Permission denied

I am trying to access my external hard drive through PIAF I am running version Version
Free PBX version
bu every time I try to enter /dev/sdb1 it says permission denied am i entering the wrong command or how do i give myself the permission to go into it?

Devices can’t be accessed directly, you have to mount them at a point in the directory structure.

I’m sorry to ask so many questions,but i have never used Linux before.I’m an intern and i was told to setup a server with the PIAF using the free PBX. How do i mount the and how do i create a directory structure. Any Information would be helpful.

I can’t teach linux in a forum post, if you don’t know the concepts it is like putting you in the cockpit of a 747 and telling you to push buttons.

Anyway in a nutshell -

[] Plug in device
] Find device name with ‘dmesg’ command
[] Run ‘fdisk -l’ you might see the partition, maybe /dev/sdc or something
] Run ‘mkdir /mnt/mydrive’ (you don’t have to use mnt, can use anything), this will be your mount point
[*] mount /dev/xxxx /mnt/mydrive

Your drive can now be accesses at /mnt/mydrive

Does this make sense?

yes thats what they did to me iv’e been at it for like 3 weeks just using google.
yes until the point where i have to run the mount /dev/xxxx /mnt/mydrive it says "mount: unknown filesystem type ’ ntfs’

Yes, Linux can’t mount Microsoft NTFS volumes.

so should i remove all the files except the tar.gz from the drive?

I don’t understand what you mean or what you are trying to do, so I am not about to tell you to remove files.

If all you are trying to do is copy the files from the drive to the Linux machine why not just copy them over the network using SCP protocol? The WinSCP client is free and one of the easiest to use.