Permission denied viewing CDRs from AMI


We have an account setup for CDR access via AMI. If i test the logon by telneting to port 5038 and entering the details I’m told access is denied, despite the password being correct.

Here’s the output;

Asterisk Call Manager/1.2

Response: Error
Message: Permission denied

The username and password have been checked in the API settings. There’s a user there called cdrs with the same secret. My IP and subnet is showing in the allow list, and the account has CDR read and write access.

The details are also showing as correct in manager_additional.conf. I’ve also created cdr_manager.conf and enabled CDR output there.

Any ideas why I would be getting permissions denied denied several of us checking the details are correct?


hmm, I also can’t connect using the asterisk manager credentials.

Any ideas why that would be?


Simply, you set it up wrong. The TCP connection is obviously made, you can connect but your authorization is denied. Check your work . . .