Perform operations on call answer by extension (DTMF confirmation, Wait, Playback))


Similar to the FreePBX follow-me feature (that can be activated/deactivated), a provider I use (Rogers - cellular in Canada) send calls simultaneously to my Cellphone and a DID on a FreePBX server. Those calls to the DID require a DTMF button push to accept.

So a call which is rinigng multiple DIDs using the service needs a confirmation from the answering phone (not the cellphone using the feature, of course, but any other line.

It sounds like “to complete your call, push any key to continue”

Presumably this is a feature designed to ensure that a voicemail from an out-of-range cell on the provider’s ring group list doesn’t intercept a ring group call. Not a bad idea. Unnecessary in many cases of course (including mine, as its the same unified voicemail that the call would end up at anyway) .

I would like to tell my FreePBX that when I answer on this trunk/DID/extension, once the handset is actually picked up:

  1. do a Wait for a second,
  2. send a DTMF to satisfy the provider’s system and get the actual call sent to the phone that picked up and started the Answer
  3. then maybe play a beep on the answering headset telling the answering party that a DTMF was sent a half second ago and thus the call is connected… time to say “hello” to the caller.

Of course it would be simpler if the provider let me just disable the confirmation option, and I am trying to escalate with them but you know telcos.

I have read this is much more frustrating for cellphone users actually who have to pull up the number pad on a smnartphone (while driving) to send a DTMF and grab the call. Insane.

As an aside, because of answer delay introduced (by many factors) for many clients’ receptionists who are used to analogue- “grab and speak” with no patience for media to start, the solution to this issue could also work for that one.

I would think some kind of interactive, delayed beep function would be a nice feature to have in the GUI and available really simple. (GXP2140 phones are bad at this, adding nearly a second sometimes. Polycom’s are the best for starting media instantly IME). I am fine working on extensions.custom.conf or other workarounds but not sure how the best way to proceed would be.

I can also see this being useful for two asterisk/FreePBX units doing follow me with confirmation to eachother over PSTN, where admins could easily bypass the requirement on one end to acknowledge the call, ensuring they would break the ring group with a voicemail that shouldn’t do an ANSWER. No reason at all for two FreePBX/* boxes to rely on DTMF even if they’re only connected by PSTN, as we all know. They can just not do Answers given the right circumstances to avoid the voicemail grab conundrum.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Since this is likely a joke to many with more than my piddly couple dozen servers, PM me with a bounty offer if you think you can sort me out.