People can't hear me

(Dutchintexas) #1

I’m working from home, I have zulu installed on my Galaxy S10+
I am able to hear people, but people are unable to hear me.
Thank you!

(Itzik) #2

One way audio is usually a NAT issue.

(Lukas Piekarski) #3

Try switching to sangoma connect it uses the same zulu license. We have noticed that the SC works much better with NAT.

(Dutchintexas) #4

Unfamiliar with NAT. Can you please elaborate.


NAT = Network Address Translation.

Ive not fully tested Zulu yes, however my understanding is there are UTP ports open, so this would raise the question, are all the IP addresses in the PBX correct? The last time i saw this kinda issue was with a Grandstream PBX and the PBX was stamping the SIP message with the wrong PBX IP address, so sound would get the end point device, but when the device sent sound back it had the wrong IP address so the sound never got to the PBX, aka, one way sound (to the phone but not from it), this turned out to be a minor bug in the Grandstream PBX not building the routing tables correctly and cust us all the profit in that sale (hence why we are here looking at Sangoma).

I am slightly disappointed with Zulu as i would assume it would have completed all connections over a single port, however it appears it does not (but again ive not fully tested it).